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photos from a previous clean-up on site with brewmaster’s wife, Tiffany

For those of you who are new to the Awakening Project: each month we are giving back to our community the currency that is most precious to us, our time [along with kombucha]. Each month we will serve a different organization or charity on Maui that goes along with our core values such as the following: COMMUNITY: including children in need, any sort of need, battered women, Hawaiian culture, and the homeless and hungry; LIFESTYLE: adventure, cultivating and fostering healthy, loving relationships, living life to the fullest, and helping people to thrive; SUSTAINABILITY: the environment, native Hawaiian species restoration, and local small farming; and KOMBUCHA: living foods, food is medicine, and health & wellness.

Looking for more ways to give? We are inviting YOU to come out and join us.

This month we are serving with Positive H2O on Sunday October 3rd [Changed from September 27th due to weather] from 10:30AM-12:30 PM and will finish with a potluck and tentatively a wetlands hike.

What is Positive H2O?

It is a movement for clean water that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and companies, which help to facilitate local solutions on a global scale. They promote a lifestyle that is healthy, conscious, creative and in harmony with the environment. Having clean oceans and access to clean drinking water and sanitation for people in need are at the top of Positive H2O’s priorities. These are issues that effect everybody.

“We believe that athletes can chase their dreams and desires, while also becoming positive role models and heros for this generation, and the generations to come. We believe in a bright future, but it can only happen by our own actions. We are a lifestyle and philosophy company that is aligning people with projects, taking responsible approaches and working with notoriety to bring awareness to important issues. We believe that water is the energy that sustains. We want future generations to have access to clean water as well as having clean water playgrounds. We believe in the power of the people. People are looking for outlets to express gratitude, do good things and give back. Our networking philosophy bridges a new era of collaboration, bringing individuals together to inspire awareness about living healthy, conscious and creative lifestyles in harmony with the environment. Media provides the tools to engage the masses.”

They create events that highlight their principles; support non-profit agencies that help provide solutions that speak to our mission; provide a networking and promotional platform for individuals to get involved and give back; partner with companies that believe in our socially responsible platform; and share an online forum for all things related to our water sports and water related issues.

Each month on Maui they host a beach clean-up and are having their biggest event on island, the Annual Town Clean-Up at Baldwin Beach Park, Sunday, October 16 • 9 am -1 pm. Last year’s 2014 clean up event brought together over 1,200 volunteers that collected 30,000 pounds of litter and marine debris, 1,800 plastic bags, 2,150 recyclable beverage containers, and 7,600 cigarette butts in Maui Nui alone.


What will we, the Awakening Project, be doing?

A Beach clean-up at one of the under-dog beaches, one of our favorite places, the Waihe‘e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands Refuge. Positive H2O has created an App, “ONE +ONE”  where anyone can host their own clean-up and be able to show the difference being made. It’s a grassroots movement that brilliantly allows us to show support and give back.

“Respect your playground” is their motto. We’ll…

–   Start to clean-up around the site

–   Take a picture of the trash we are about to remove and add all relevant data

–   Share our clean-up with +H2O

Boom. Done.


What time and where do we go? 

10:30AM-12:30 PM and afterwards we will have a potluck lunch. We will be cleaning up on the North west shore at the Waihe’e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands Refuge. We will meet in the parking lot and walk together down to the public access coast. You’d be surprised how much rubbish is there even though the site does not see as much traffic as other unprotected beaches. It is a significant site, a favorite retreat for endangered Hawaiian monk seals and nesting green sea turtles. Off the coast, the extensive reef is one of the longest and widest on Maui.

What do I need to bring?

Dress for warm weather with sunscreen, plenty of water, a hat, and appropriate shoes for walking on the rocky beach.  If you want to hike the grassy trail afterwards, wear or bring appropriate shoes, and if you want to stay for the potluck lunch, bring something to share. There is a hand washing station and bathroom on site. We will provide kombucha, gloves, and buckets or reusable bags to collect rubbish.

How do I sign up? 

Email us if you are interested at [email protected]/wp by Friday September 25th with your name and telephone number, and we will call you.

We anticipate it’s going to be a lot of fun talking story, meeting others, helping out, being together, getting to know more of the people who make up Maui, and sharing a meal and kombucha family style.


Aloha, hope to see you there.

***Updated October 16th

We picked up 367 pieces of trash, our little family of 3. It was mostly plastic. We found a croc shoe, a slipper, straws, mostly pieces of plastic, loads of bottle caps, and synthetic rope. Enjoy some photos from the project:









artwork done by Brewmaster’s wife, Tiffany