Hi, I’m Tiffany, Cory’s wife and the other creator of Awaken Tea Kombucha. In light of the new season, local farming, a beautiful seasonal crop with great health benefits, and lovely relationships, I’d like to share you with my first entry on our blog.

             Feeling nostalgic to wear this scarf and for visions of vibrant colored leaves like these, we ventured upcountry to the Kula Country pumpkin patch, as a family, for a taste of fall as September passed the torch to October, and ushered in the ‘harvest season.’

             It’s hard to ‘feel’ a new season change on Maui when the sun still slays us with it’s beams and the palms still sway green as ever. Don’t get me wrong; we love sunshine and slippers & shorts weather, but a fair change from the Kihei desert during the romantic fall season was just up our ally. In addition, visiting a local fourth generation farm with pumpkins ready to harvest was just the seasonal expedition we needed. While the farming practices are not organic, they do claim to practice integrated pest management, crop rotation, and other ethical supplements. Who hasn’t eaten a Kula strawberry and enjoyed it?

            So, up the mountain we trotted, trying really hard to fit the part wearing boots and leggings, beanies, and layers. The gracious wind and cloud coverage, as well as the gourds and luscious patch of orange hearty pumpkins gave us our twenty minutes of fall. Sigh. Thank you. Everyone else was dressed as if they were hitting up the beach afterwards, but we had our moment, even if we were dressed nonsensically.

           We picked out the perfect ‘baby’ pumpkin with our babies approval, and have now officially met fall face to face. All it took was just one pumpkin. A new food blog we’ve discovered, Food 52, calls the pumpkin, October’s mascot, in a recent post where NPR is referenced with an article about Why Americans Go Crazy for Pumpkin. Not all pumpkins are created equally though; there are different varieties and most pumpkins you see during this season are not the best ones for cooking. 

           Some of my favorite memories growing up in the Midwest during harvest season are the apple orchards, my grandmother’s homemade apple cider, mashed potatoes, the occasional candy hoarding, picking out and carving a pumpkin, and all of the tastes of fall (pumpkin being a highlight). Last Thanksgiving, I was determined to make the perfect gluten-free, dairy-free, pumpkin pie. Bakers out there, making a pie from scratch with no wheat flour or butter sounds impossible, right? Countless arrays of unusual flours and 6 pies later-I did it! And no one could tell the difference. 

         But, there’s more to this October mascot than just pie. Here are a handful of pumpkin recipes we’d love to try (some substituting ingredients for our dietary needs) and how charming would it be to share the dishes with friends and family at a table like this?

         Hmmm…I wonder how our chai kombucha would taste with any of these…a spectacular pairing, no doubt!

Creme Fraiche, Cornmeal & Pumpkin Coffee Cake + Pepita Streusel 

by Tennessee native, Beth, who was also a Master Chef contestant. The recipe title alone alludes to her elevated cooking & baking and the beauty in her food. Her photographs and writing are also just as beautiful. It just wouldn’t be the same without all that cream and buttermilk, but garsh I bet it’d still be mouthwatering.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Waffles      


from tattooed and bacon loving Elizabeth with an inspiring testimony of her own health journey. Cory & I have been itching to make waffles in our hand-me-down cast iron waffle maker that belonged to his mother. Don’t worry you can substitute wheat and butter here, wheat and butter lovers. But, this is my kind of waffle.

(Accidental) Spicy Pumpkin and Coconut Soup 

Pumkpkin Soup

by Cape Town resident, Candice, who spent a delicious year in France exploring their countries’ cuisine. Yes, please. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Grain Free Granola 


from Sarah’s blog. Cory met Sarah, a dietician, and her family while sharing a meal and kombucha at Choice Health Bar in Lahaina during their Maui holiday.  

Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes with Fennel and Spinach

by Kerstin, inspired by mashed potatoes Anthony Buordain ate in Chile’s wine country. 

(You can either buy pumpkin puree or make your own, if you make your own and have all of the seeds left over, here are 10 Things To Do With Pumpkin Seeds from Bon Appetit. The seeds are incredibly nutrient-rich, and in fact here are 8 Health Benefits of Pumpkin)

*How did mashed potatoes, cake, and waffles get featured on our health blog? Because salads aren’t the only meals that foster community and bring sustenance. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and health has it’s subjective elements. What are you favorite non-traditional pumpkin recipes?