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For those of you who are new to The Awakening Project:  We started a campaign this past year, 2015, to give back to our community the currency that is most precious to us, our time [along with kombucha].

Our mission is to make Hawai’i’s freshest and most authentic hand-crafted kombucha with the highest quality ingredients from organic, fair trade, and local sources and to invest our success back into our communities. We make kombucha to inspire people to care for and love their bodies, their communities, and this beautiful earth we call home.

One way to accomplish our mission was through The Awakening Project. We had ambitions to serve a different organization or charity on Maui each month that went along with our core values such as the following: COMMUNITY: including children in need, any sort of need, battered women, Hawaiian culture, and the homeless and hungry; LIFESTYLE: adventure, cultivating and fostering healthy, loving relationships, living life to the fullest, and helping people to thrive; SUSTAINABILITY: the environment, native Hawaiian species restoration, and local small farming; and KOMBUCHA: living foods, food is medicine, and health & wellness. We served with 9 different organizations on 10 different projects and had a baby in 2015!

Go through our previous blogs posts for the full stories on the projects.

The update on OCT + NOV + DEC projects: We had a baby that set us back in October, and we got to be a part of a fundraiser event where previous contestants from the show, The Voice,  sang. The money raised from the event sent a group of local Mauians  to build another house in Mexico for a family in need. We closed out the year with the gift of grace for ourselves because we had high ambitions with the project this year and completed 10/12 desired projects. But, you know friends, that’s okay. Because we don’t see it as a fail. It’s a lot of hard work to coordinate with organizations, and to give up time, especially when you are running a small business and have a young family. 2015 was much a year of grace-and sometimes more than giving it to others, we need to show it to ourselves. So, we’re stoked looking back at what we got to be a part of this past year. We learned a lot, and in giving, there’s so much you get.

We’re thankful for the 2015 Awakening Project and how it allowed us to meet people, learn more about Maui, and give back. Stay tuned; we have some new projections for 2016, changes and dreams for The Awakening Project.

Aloha from the Awaken Tea ‘ohana