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Local | Fair Trade | GMO-Free | 95% Organic | Sustainable | Cold-pressed | Gluten-free | Vegan

Stay Grounded. Our Coffee

100% Maui Coffee. The slow, cold brewing process of our proprietary blend yields a smooth, sweet, and light-bodied coffee. Because we don’t use heat, the bitter taste and acidic compounds aren’t extracted. For coffee connoisseurs, this method highlights the nuances of the bean and roast. Expect notes of chocolate, honey, spiced fruit, almonds, and caramel. A balanced brew with strength, richness, and delicacy. On tap & in bottles.

Get cultured. Our Kombucha

A bubbly, refreshing, healthy alternative. This ancient art is the fermentation of sweetened tea, rich in probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, life-giving enzymes, beneficial bacteria + yeast, and healthy acids. Our living SCOBY [Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast] thrives on our recipe of reverse osmosis filtered water, organic cane sugar, and organic fair trade black tea. All of our flavors are made from the best herbs, teas, and fruits, brewed and fresh-pressed in house.

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Hawaiian Moons

Ono Gelato

Monkeypod Kitchen

The Market by Capische

Lahaina Fish Co.

Choice Health Bar

Maka by Mana

Mana Foods

Down to Earth Organics

Alive and Well

Rodeo General Store

Upcountry Farmer's Market

Get your fill at these Maui locations:


Market by Capische ß > Kombucha & Coffee
Monkeypod Kitchen > Kombucha & Coffee
Hawaiian Moons ß > Kombucha and Coffee
Ono Gelato ß †† > Kombucha & Coffee
Rodeo General Store ß †† > Kombucha & Coffee
Upcountry Farmers Market ß †† > Kombucha

(ß accepts bottle returns†† on tap!)


Lahaina Fish Co. > Kombucha
Choice Health Bar ß †† > Kombucha
Down to Earth ß †† > Kombucha & Coffee
Alive and Well ß > Kombucha
Maka by Mana ß > Kombucha & Coffee
Mana Foods ß †† > Kombucha

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Meet the Makers
Our Story.

Awaken Foods was born out of our love for crafting, community, small farmers, Hawai’i, gatherings, health & wellness, sustainability, and adventure. Cory: brewmaster and founder, mountain bike racer, climber, heli-hike glacier guide, father. Tiffany: brewmaster’s wife, creative director, adventure racer, surfer, art teacher, mother. It all started with brewing and drinking kombucha daily after Cory’s battle with panic attacks and, his wife, Tiffany’s battle with Celiac disease. After over a decade of home brewing kombucha, and reaping the many benefits, we made a commitment to share this fermented wonder with our community. Awaken Foods continues to grow by providing jobs in Hawai’i, sourcing locally grown ingredients, serving the community, and making high-quality crafted beverages. We are invested in the people around us by loving and improving the place we live. We work to inspire our community to thrive, to live fully. You’ll see us at the farmers markets and local events alongside Maui’s farmers and community, slinging kombucha and cold brew coffee and giving back through The Awakening Project. Food and drink bring people together, and our crafted beverages are a reason to gather. This life is meant to be shared; share us with your ‘ohana, during a meal, on your adventures, after a surf session, or just because. We are proud to come alongside our community, and share in the abundant life.

Our Heart

We are a family owned brewery. It’s our heart to handcraft authentic products with high quality ingredients from local, GMO-free, organic, and fair trade sources when possible, and to invest our success back into our communities. We pioneered a bottle return program to give you an opportunity to take part in sustainability by enjoying Awaken Foods.

Bottle Return Program

In the interest of sustainability, we pioneered a bottle return program.   We now have the largest bottle return program in the state of Hawaii, with over 7,000 bottles in circulation on Maui and more than 12,000lbs of glass saved.  With 100% of our retailers participating in the bottle return program and reporting great success, we have cut down on thousands of pounds of waste. Sterilizing and reusing bottles locally virtually eliminates waste and cuts down on the resources used in traditional recycling programs – especially on Maui, where recycled glass is either used to fill potholes, or shipped 2,500 miles to a mainland processing plant for color sorting before being shipped to China for recycling.  When you return your bottle to any of our pick-up locations, you receive $3 cash back or a $3 credit toward your next purchase. 

Awakening Project

For those of you who are new to The Awakening Project: We started a campaign in 2015 to give back to our community the currency that is most precious to us: our time. We wanted to serve a different organization or charity on Maui each month that went along with our core values, such as the following: COMMUNITY: including children in need, battered women, Hawaiian culture, and the homeless and hungry; LIFESTYLE: adventure, cultivating and fostering healthy, loving relationships, living life to the fullest, and helping people to thrive; and SUSTAINABILITY: the environment, native Hawaiian species restoration, and local small farming. We served with 9 different organizations on 10 different projects in 2015. Stay tuned on our blog to see our 2016 quarterly projects, or send us an email if you want to get involved. You can also read more on our blog about what we accomplished in 2015.

Awaken Foods News
Food, Community, Ohana.

2015 The Awakening Project in Review

           Infographic done by NuWave Marketing   For those of you who are new to The Awakening Project:  We started a campaign this past year, 2015, to give back to our community the currency that is most precious to us, our time [along with kombucha]. Our...

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The Awakening Project: September

photos from a previous clean-up on site with brewmaster's wife, Tiffany For those of you who are new to the Awakening Project: each month we are giving back to our community the currency that is most precious to us, our time [along with kombucha]. Each month we will...

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